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Home : Corel DRAW Basics : Order/Forward/Back One 

Order/Forward/Back One

Let us start with the order command where we will send the object back and front of other object. There are some more interesting options in this menu that we will study in the related lessons.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Draw rectangle using rectangle tool and fill it will red color.

3. Draw another rectangle, which will overlap the part of the first rectangle and fill this rectangle with green color.

4. Draw third rectangle in such a way that will occupy some space of the both red and green rectangle. Fill this rectangle with blue color.

5. Keep the Blue color rectangle selected. If it is deselected by mistake, select it using pick tool.

corel draw order

6. Go to Arrange > Order > Back One

7. The blue rectangle goes back one step. It means it goes behind green rectangle. Now it lies between red and green.

corel draw order

8. Go to Arrange > Order > Back One

9. Blue rectangle goes one more step back. Now it is behind red rectangle.

corel draw order

10. Keep the blue rectangle selected.

11. Go to Arrange > Order > Forward One

12. Blue rectangle comes one step forward and comes in front of the red rectangle.

corel draw order

13. Go to Arrange > Order > Forward One

14. Again blue rectangle come one step forward and comes in front of the green rectangle.

corel draw order

15. Select all three rectangles using pick tool. Just drag it around all the rectangles to select them all.

16. Remember the present order of the object. Its red at the back then green in the middle and blue in the front.

corel draw order

17. Go to Arrange > Order > Reverse Order

18. The order of the object reverses.

corel draw order

19. It means now its blue at the back, green in the middle and red in the front.

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