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Grouping in Corel draw is used for easy selection of the different object in single click. If you have lot of separate object in the design, you can group them for easy selection. Please make a note that even if you group the objects together they still remain as independent entities.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Rectangle tool and draw rectangle. Fill it with any color.

corel draw group

3. Draw ellipse using ellipse tool near the rectangle and fill it with different color than rectangle.

corel draw group

4. Select both, the rectangle and ellipse using pick tool.

corel draw group

5. Go to Arrange > Group

6. Both the objects are grouped together.

7. Please observe carefully that they still have different colors within themselves as we filled in the beginning.

8. Select pick tool and click on any one of the object, both the objects will get selected.

There may be some case where you need to group not only different objects but different groups itself.

9 . Draw another rectangle and ellipse, fill them with different colors and group them using same command.

10. Now we have a pair of group each having rectangle and ellipse.

corel draw group

11. You can select these two groups separately using Pick tool

12. Now select both the groups using Pick tool.

corel draw group

13. Go to Arrange > Group

14. Select pick tool and click on any one of the object, both the groups will get selected because they are the part of one single group now.

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