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We will make duplicate of the object using Duplicate command. We are using text as an object. You can draw some shape and follow the instructions. There are three simple ways of duplicating the object.

1. Open Corel DRAW. Type the text and fill it with any color. Keep it selected.

corel draw duplicate

2. Go to Edit > Duplicate

corel draw duplicate

3. The text is duplicated giving another copy.

corel draw duplicate

4. You can even press CTRL + D to duplicate any object. Remember to select the object with pick tool which you are going to make a duplicate of.

5. There is another way of duplicating the object using mouse. Follow the procedure carefully.

6. Select the object and drag it using mouse to the location where you want to place the duplicate.

7. DO NOT RELEASE the left mouse button.

8. While the left mouse button is still pressed, click Right Mouse button.

9. This will create the duplicate of the object.

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