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Removing Text Path

Once you apply the effect you may want to get rid of the circle and keep the curved text on the page. There are two ways of doing this. Let us try the first one.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Carry out the effect as described in the basic lesson.

3. Select the circle using pick tool.

corel draw text effects

4. You will notice that the whole effect is getting selected, means the circle is getting selected along with the text also.

5. Delete, to remove the circle, press Delete key.

6. Circle is disappeared along with the text.

7. It means you can not delete the circle separately at this stage.

8. Undo delete.

9. Keep the effect selected.

10. Right click on the cross mark in the color palette (situated at the top) to remove the outline.

11. This will remove the outline of the circle.

12. This gives the necessary required effect where you won't see the circle but it is still there.

corel draw text effects

13. The problem with this procedure is, it will remove all the outlines, means if you apply the outline for the text, it will remove that outline also. The second procedure is the clean one where you can actually delete the circle and keep the text intact.

14. Go back to 2nd step. Keep the effect selected. It should select circle also.

corel draw text effects

15. Go to Arrange > Break Text Apart

16. Deselect the effect by clicking somewhere else.

17. Select the circle using pick tool.

18. You will notice that circle can be selected separately now.

19. Delete the circle using Delete Key.

20. You will get the curved text.

corel draw text effects

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