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Add Perspective Basic

Add perspective is one of the most simple and effective commands that we can start with. Observe it carefully and you will have lot of fun.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Type " Inside" using text tool. Stretch it to bigger size using pick tool. Keep it selected.

Add Perspective corel draw

3. Go to Effects > Add Perspective

Add Perspective corel draw

4. Observe carefully. You will get four points at the four corners of the text.

Add Perspective corel draw

5. Drag top left point, which is on the top of "I" towards topside.

Add Perspective corel draw

6. You will find that text is changed into the design that has perspective.

7. Drag bottom left point that is at the base of "I" towards downside. This will add spice to the perspective effect.

Add Perspective corel draw

You can remove perspective effect and bring back the text into original form.

8. Go to Arrange > Clear Transformations

9. The text is back to its original form.

Add Perspective corel draw

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