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Simple Blend Effect

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Draw circle using ellipse tool.

3. Hold Ctrl key to draw perfect circle.

4. Either duplicate the same circle or draw another circle.

5. Make the second circle bigger than the first one.

6. Select both the circles.

corel blend effect

7. Go to menu.

8. Effects > Blend

9. You will get the Blend docker attached to the right side.  And the blend steps tab selcted.

10. Keep the default setting as it is.

11. It may say number of steps 20 and rotate angle 0.

corel blend effect

12. Press “Apply”

13. You will get the blend effect.

14. Both the circles are connected with the intermediate circles blending them smoothly with the number of steps mentioned earlier.

15. Please make a note that small circle is blended with the big one with intermediate gradually increasing bigger size circles.

corel blend effect

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