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Color Blend Direct Path

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Draw square using rectangle tool. Fill it with red color.

3. Draw another square using rectangle tool. Fill it with green color.

4. Select both the shapes.

corel draw blend effect

5. Go to menu.

6. Effects > Blend

7. Select blend color tab (marked with green circle).

corel draw blend effect

8. You will see the color wheel and by default direct path may be selected. If not, then select direct path.

9. Press “Apply”

10. You will get the blend effect that you usually get with previous options.

corel draw blend effect

11. Please make a note that the straight line is drawn between green and red color on the color wheel.

12. This covers minimum numbers of colors at this point hence you don’t see many variations of the colors in this blend effect.

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