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Color Blend Acceleration

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Draw square using rectangle tool. Fill it with red color.

3. Draw another square using rectangle tool. Fill it with green color.

4. Select both the shapes.

corel draw blend effect

5. Go to menu.

6. Effects > Blend

7. Keep the rest of the settings as they are.

corel draw blend effect

8. Press “Apply”

9. You will get the blend effect.

corel draw blend effect

10. Select Blend Acceleration tab in the blend docker.

11. Uncheck the “Link Acceleration” box.

12. Drag “Accelerate Objects” and "Accelerate fills/outline" slider towards extreme right.

corel draw blend effect

13. Press Apply.

14. You will observe that the intermediate blend steps are gathered towards the green square.

15. Red color is accelerated towards green square. The spread of red color is increased in the intermediate steps.

corel draw blend effect

16. Now drag the accelerate fill slider towards extreme left.

corel draw blend effect

17. You will find that fill is also changed. The distribution of the color changes. This time green color spread in the intermediate steps.


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