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Dissolve Mode

In the Dissolve mode, Photoshop will randomly change the layer pixels to 0% opacity and other will remain to 100%. This effect can be checked when the layer is set to the opacity less than 100%. Adobe Photoshop software can be used to create astonishing effects using different modes with different combination. With Dissolve mode, you get the mesh like structure on the top layer as some of the pixels are converted to 0% opacity.

1. Open Photoshop and open new file with white background.

2. Make sure to keep RGB mode or change the mode by
Image > Mode > RGB color

3. Create new layer. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool. Draw rectangle. Fill it with red color. Deselect the selection with CTRL + D

photoshop blending mode

4. Create another layer. Draw another rectangle that overlaps some portion of the red rectangle in the layer below. Fill it with green color. Deselect the selection with CTRL + D .

photoshop blending mode

Keep the mode on Dissolve. You will not find any change in the image.

5. Change the opacity to 80% and check out the effect.

photoshop blending mode

6. The green solid filled rectangle is changed into the dotted rectangle.

photoshop blending mode

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